How to Buy an Engagement Ring

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April 20, 2023
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We can help you pick and buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner. We will never push someone to spend more than they can afford and cater for all with genuine diamond rings starting off from only €295.

Firstly, Figuring Out Your Partner’s Style

Before you choose a ring make sure you start by choosing one that suits your partner’s style and not yours. After all your partner will be wearing the ring almost every day for the rest of their life. Start by asking yourself if your partner is a romantic, modern or classic? What does your partner like to wear and does your partner prefer to wear gold, platinum, palladium, white gold, or even silver? Is it simple elegance or glamour that appeals to them?

Also take note of the jewellery your partner already wears and try to see if you can notice which ring style captures their attention when you pass by a jewellery store. Armed with answers to such questions will help you or even us demonstrate which ring may be the best choice. Another great option is to enlist the help of one of their best friends or family members.

How to Get the Correct Ring Size?

All the time and effort could be spoilt with one small fact, you got the size wrong. Apart from the awkward situation, you then must take the ring back to the jeweller to have it resized. The best way to do this is sneak one of their rings out of their jewellery box to be measured at a jeweller. Just make sure it is not the one that is worn often. Alternatively trace the inner circle of the ring on a piece of paper or press into a bar of soap to make an imprint. We have a couple of articles dedicated to the subject, see 3 Simple Ways to Measure Your Ring Size at Home and Ring Sizing - Two Tips to Finding the Right Size.

Choose Your Ring’s Precious Metal

There are several metals to choose from; yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. You could even have a mix of the different metals.

  • Yellow Gold has a radiant hue and is durable for everyday wear. It is however not as durable as other precious metals (such as platinum) and may have to be re-shanked a couple of decades later.
  • Platinum is sought after for its silver lustre and durability. As well as being hypoallergenic. It requires little maintenance and does not tarnish.
  • White Gold has a similar appearance to platinum and is more affordable. However, it needs to be re-plated with some regularity.
  • Rose Gold has a beautiful lustrous blush pink tone and due to the alloy of gold and copper it is durable and does not require extra maintenance.

How to Choose Your Diamond?

Know the four C’s...

Cut is the most important and one should not settle for less. Get the best you can afford. Investing in an excellent cut defines how well the diamond will sparkle in the light, maximizing its radiant beauty.

Colour does not determine the quality, but rather the rareness of the diamond. Staring at D, which is colourless through to Z, which is light yellow. Colourless are the rarest and most expensive diamonds. Most people prefer a white diamond and the most common colour grade ranges from F to H.

Clarity has the least impact on the diamond’s appearance. This refers to how many inclusions (tiny imperfections) a stone contains and are only visible under a magnifying glass. Inclusions are naturally found in almost every diamond. Best value is Sl1 or Sl2.

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. The higher the carat, the more it will cost and the bigger it will look. There are several techniques to enhance the appearance of the diamond and an established jeweller (like us) can easily do this for you.

The Shape of the Diamond

 Round round cut diamond shape
  • Most popular
  • Most sparkle
 Princess princess cut diamond shape
  • Second most popular
  • Feminine
  • Modern
  • Sparkly
  • Lower price than round
 Marquise, Pear, and Oval marquise cut diamond shapepear cut diamond shapeoval cut diamond shape
  • Second most sparkle
  • Generally more carats
 Cushion, Emerald, Asscher, and Radiant cusion cut diamond shapeemerald cut diamond shapeAsscher cut diamond shape
  • Good for vintage styles

The Setting

A ring’s setting determines how the centre diamond is mounted, both protecting and highlighting the beauty of the diamond. Choosing a setting for an engagement ring is almost as important as selecting a diamond.

  1. Prong settings are timeless and classic. These are metal claws that hold the diamond tightly in place. Prongs holding one diamond in place is often referred to solitaire.
  2. Bezel settings are where a metal strip surrounds the diamond. This method protects the diamond better than all the other types of settings.
  3. Halo is where smaller diamonds surround the centre stone. This adds more sparkle and will help enhance the size and appearance of the main stone.

Get Expert Advice from an Experienced Jeweller You Can Trust

Certified and with more than 50 years’ experience, we have the expertise to guide you through one of the most important occasions in your life. We have been designing distinctive diamond jewellery of the highest quality at the best price. Come by our jewellery workshop on 5 Mary Street or contact us should you want advice on purchasing an engagement ring.

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