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Engagement and wedding ring resizing service

There are a multitude of reasons why you may need a ring to be resized - whether you’ve inherited a family heirloom, or your ring size has changed over the years, we have the ability to bring your cherished pieces back to their former glory. With decades of experience in exquisite jewellery design and manufacturing, our ring resizing service is expertly completed, right from our own Dublin City Centre workshop.
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Wedding Ring Resizing

Your wedding ring is a visible symbol of the permanent place your partner holds in your heart from the very moment you say “I do”. When investing in a wedding ring you usually don’t think about the life changes that could alter the fit of your ring though. The reality is that fingers shrink, grow, and change in size many times throughout our lifetimes, often making ring resizing a necessary process. All of our work is seamless and high quality, and we can promptly diagnose and resize your wedding ring so you can wear it comfortably, and safely, again.
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Engagement Ring Resizing

Purchasing an engagement ring for any ‘bride to be’ is one of the most exciting and exhilarating choices you can make. However, despite possibly putting a whole lot of time and effort into choosing that perfect engagement ring, when buying an engagement ring as a surprise, judging the correct ring size can be tricky. There's no reason to fret though as there are very few types of engagement rings that cannot be resized.
We use cutting edge tooling, equipment, as well as highly-refined processes, making sure to use the appropriate method depending on the type of band, metal, or style required for your engagement ring.
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How a Ring Should Fit?

When choosing any type of engagement or wedding ring, it’s important to know that it’s next to impossible to find a ring that will fit you perfectly all day long, year after year.
One of the easiest ways of choosing the best size, or of knowing if your ring needs to be resized, is to understand that your engagement ring and your wedding band should always fit snugly, but comfortably.
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Types of Rings That Can Be Resized

Typically, traditional metals like silver, gold, and platinum can be made larger or smaller by one or two sizes, however different rings will have their own unique properties. Key factors affecting the types of rings that can be resized include the complexity of the ring style, the setting, the ring’s material, as well as the thickness of the metal band. While rings containing softer metals can be relatively easy to resize, some metals, including titanium and tungsten rings, are usually impossible to resize correctly because of the metals' exceptional hardness and strength.
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Where to Get a Ring Resized?

We understand the importance of taking the time to discover your vision, from consultation right through to the complete resizing and restoration. We resize rings in our instore jewellery workshop located on 5 Mary Street, Dublin City Centre. Visit us or contact us to learn more about our ring resizing services.
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