Ring Sizing - Two Tips to Finding the Right Size

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November 23, 2023
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So, you’re excited for the big day! You have it all planned out, the venue, the music, the lighting, and you’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring! One of the many of the concerns that may be going through your mind is whether that gorgeous wedding ring will fit or not!

Here’s two tips to finding the right size ring…

Finger Shape

When looking at sizing your rings, take a good look at the shape of your fingers and take note of where the largest part of your finger is. If you have tapered fingers, the largest circumference will be at the at the top of the finger. If the knuckle in the middle of your finger is the largest circumference, then the fit of your ring will have to be different.

Activity and Environment

The first thing we think about when sizing a ring perfectly is where you live and how much activity the ring wearer does. If, for example, you live in a very hot and humid climate and you are very active, your hands are likely to swell in the heat. If you live in cooler climes and are less active you are hands are less likely to swell. Environment and activity affects the sizing of your ring as we take into account the increase of finger girth with these factors.

Make sure that you measure your ring finger at the right time when the weather is moderate, you haven’t been doing too much activity and when you haven’t recently eaten salty food or drunk too much coffee as all of these factors influence the swelling in your hands.


There are several other factors that influence the measurement of ring sizes that we’d be delighted to discuss with you. Visit us in Dublin City Centre where we can explain further and even measure the exact size suited for your finger.

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