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Engagement Rings Under €300

High-quality engagement rings that cost less than €300

Being a manufacturing jeweller means we can make engagement rings that cost less than most high-street jewellery stores. We have a range of engagement rings made in our Dublin-based workshop, from genuine precious metals and gemstones, that cost less than €300!
a rose gold solitaire diamond engagement ring on a white background
A cheap engagement ring made from three diamonds and gold

Genuine Engagement Rings for Less Than €300

Some may think its impossible to get a high-quality engagement ring for less than €300… we beg to differ. As an independent jewellery manufacturer, we make our own rings and have less overheads compared to high street jewellers. This means we can bring our customers unbelievably low prices without having to resort to cost saving tactics such as hollowing out or thinning the metal of the shank and using inferior raw materials.

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All our precious metals are hallmarked in accordance with Irish law.


We use only the best raw materials in our rings.


Every ring is made from genuine raw materials like diamond, gold and platinum.


We had make our own rings to guarantee quality.
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