Engagement Ring Designs That Match Your Look (What to Consider?)

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November 23, 2023
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Engagement Ring Designs

Just like the most flattering dress, every part of a ring plays a role in how it compliments you and your hands. And just like a dress, certain designs may be suited for some people and not others.

Factors like your age, skin tone and hand size can determine which ring design best suits you. Below are some pointers to consider when choosing your engagement ring design:

Diamond Shape

You should try different diamond shapes (or other gemstones too) to see if there is a particular shape that better suits your hands. For example, pear or oval cut diamonds are known to help lengthen the appearance of shorter fingers.


We’ve noticed that the height of the central stone looks better for some ages than others. From our experience, more height is suited to hands older than thirty years and lower profiles look better on hands younger than thirty.

Setting Size

Finger size and age can determine the overall dimension of a ring’s central setting. For example, larger fingers look better with larger settings. Larger settings also look better on mature hands whereas younger hands, or smaller fingers, look more balanced with smaller sized settings.


The ring shank wraps around the finger and meets the main part of the ring design on top. Larger and more mature fingers often look better in wider-shanked rings. Smaller or younger fingers can look better in narrower-shanked rings. Those with big bones should try on rings with wider shanks.

Straight vs. Curved Shanks

There are not really any hard rules to which shape of shank looks best. We advise that you try on an assortment of both types to see which best compliments your hands.

Taper vs. No Taper

A lot of today’s rings features tapers that involve straight shanks descending from the main setting. Taper designs can create a beautiful effect and make could help make your hands look more feminine. Try on different tapered shanks to see if either a straight or curved taper looks best.

Textures and Finishes

Hands over thirty years of age benefit from textured and complex components. Hand under thirty usually look better with high polished and smaller designs.

Colour and Skin Tone

Warmer skin tones often tend to look best in yellow or rose gold colours. Cooler skin tones look best with whiter metals. Some skin tones look great regardless of the colour so try on a variety of colours to see which best suits your complexion.


The “X-Factors” which help determine the best size and style of a ring are as unique as you are. Tiny rings may look unbalanced on people with larger-than-life personalities, whereas a large bold ring may look out of place on people with reserved personalities.

Discover More

At the end of the day the choice of design is ultimately up to you, and you should choose a ring design which you like best, not one that others will like best. We are more than happy to advise and help you choose a style which best suits you (or your partner). Contact us or come by our workshop on 5 Mary street to find out more. We’d also like to thank Calla Gold for her inspiration in creating this article.

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