It's All About the Cut - Different Diamond Cuts Explained

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November 23, 2023
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Just by peering in in your local jeweller’s window, you will notice that diamonds (and other gems too) come in a variety of cuts and shapes. But did you know that there is a reason why a diamond cutter may choose to cut a diamond in a particular style?

Why Round Cut Diamonds?

The round cut diamond is a popular choice for diamond cutters. The shape helps them use as much of a raw diamond as possible. Since diamonds are sold by weight, and sold for very high prices, it makes sense to use the maximum amount of a rough-cut diamond as possible.

One other advantage has to do with light reflection. A round brilliant cut diamond, with its many facets and no inclusions, will reflect and sparkle more than a different cut diamond – such as a less symmetrical pear-cut diamond.

Fancy Cut for Inclusion Avoidance

Round brilliant cut diamonds are fantastic for using as much as a raw diamond as possible and for light reflection, but what happens if there is an inclusion within the raw diamond? Diamond cutters often opt to work around the inclusion and go for fancier cuts which include pear, heart or marquis cuts.

Fancy Square Cuts

In response to the appeal of an emerald cut, but without the poor light return from too few facets, diamond cutters have come up with alternative square cuts. Cushion cut, square brilliant cut and other square and rectangular cuts, that have more facets, enable diamond cutters produce square cut diamonds which sparkle more and give better light return.

It is easy to choose a fancy cut because it looks pretty, but you need to be aware that they can come with certain caveats. For example, some marquis diamonds have what is known as the bowtie effect where a black area, or tiny black “holes”, suck up light and do not reflect it as effectively as other cuts.


Choosing a diamond cut is more than the shape and you should try to choose one that not only looks good but matches your engagement ring as well as your finger. Come by our jewellery workshop in Dublin City Centre to discover more about the different cuts and which one we would recommend for you. We’d also like to thank Calla Gold for her inspiration in brining you this article.

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