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Why Are Our Engagement Rings Priced at Extremely Low Prices?

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July 17, 2021

Many customers have asked us how it is possible that we provide high quality and solid made engagement rings at incredibly low prices – especially when a similar item costs almost twice as much at other jewellery stores.

You first thought may be that short cuts have been taken during the ring’s construction, such as using cheaper and poor-quality materials or cost saving techniques like hollowing out engagement ring shanks. Such techniques are employed by many jewellers across the world who want to bring excellent value to their customers. The problem is that by using these techniques, you often get a sub-standard piece that looks cheap, is not durable and not made to last.

The complete opposite is true at Martin Gear Jewellers. We produce pieces to the highest of quality, use only the best materials and techniques to construct engagement rings that are stronger, heavier and more solidly built than our competition.

Okay, but How Is It We Can Produce Them at Such Low Prices?

We’re not going to give away all our trade secrets, but we will give you a sneak peak. Martin Gear trained in Hatton Gardens as a fast production diamond setter, for three years, before returning to his family firm (the legendary Thomas Gear Jewellers) where he further developed his goldsmith skills. His training and experience have enabled him to become one of the few jewellery manufacturers in Ireland. With more than 25 years’ experience in the trade, he has also made valuable connections across Europe from where he can get the raw materials at unbelievably low prices.

Being a jewellery manufacturer who sources his own materials means a lot of middlemen have been cut out of the picture. The less times an engagement ring changes hands, the lower the cost is to produce it!

Other cost saving factors include being setup as a manufacturing store rather than a high-street boutique store. High-street boutiques are about the experience and often spend an exorbitant amount of money on staff, interior designers, and high-street rental prices.

The combination of these factors means we can craft solidly built engagement rings and sell them at prices often associated with cheaper made ones – even though they are often of a higher quality and more solidly built than most high-street stores.

Then Why Don’t We Sell Them at High Street Prices and Make a Larger Profit?

We believe in repeat business and long-term customer relationships and trying to squeeze every cent out of our customers undermines our belief. It is a win-win situation for both parties. Long-term relationships prove fruitful for our business and our clientele get high-quality engagement rings for as much as 60% less than high-street stores.


By fully understanding the manufacturing process and developing our on instore processes means we can shave a lot off the cost of creating an engagement ring. It’s our utmost desire to make people feel special whether they are spending €190 or €10,900 – all our customers get the same special treatment.

Visit our workshop on 5 Mary Street, Dublin North City Centre, to find out more about our techniques and witness first-hand the high quality of jewellery we provide.

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