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Signet rings were once an essential part of society that played a significant role in history. It was often used as a seal where the engravings on the ring (usually a family crest) where pressed into hot wax or clay to leave a distinct seal on important documents. Today the signet ring is more of a fashion statement whose engravings are only limited by one’s imagination.

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Plain Oval Signet Ring (Code: 15313)
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was €375
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Heart-Shaped Signet Ring (Code: 15305)
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Engraved Oval-Shaped Signet Ring (Code: 15311)
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Plain Oval Signet Ring (Code: 15322)
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Ladies Signet Ring (Code: 15533)
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Engraved Gold Signet Ring (Code: 15319)
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Plain Round Signet Ring (Code: 15325)
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Plain Oval Signet Ring (Code: 15316)
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