Should Your Engagement or Wedding Ring Be Made From Rose Gold?

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April 20, 2023
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In recent years rose gold has become a popular metal for engagement and wedding rings. Its pink-rose hue has an effeminate touch, and it combines well with different items of clothing and skin tones – especially warmer skin tones. But before deciding on getting a rose gold item, you should know the ins and outs of this beautiful metal.

We have created many rose gold rings for our clients, and each gave been extremely satisfied. But we also like to make sure that our clients know what they are getting into. Rose gold is not a type of gold found in nature and it is made from a combination of yellow gold and copper. Gold and copper are among the softer of the metals which means rose gold isn’t particularly good for those with active or physically demanding lifestyles. Another consideration to be aware of is that modifying or repairing rose gold may be particularly challenging and even damaging if not done correctly.

The problem lies in the copper which is mixed with gold and when you heat rose gold, copper gets a mind of its own and literally tries to separate from the gold and migrate to itself. If not done properly, this could cause week spots in a repaired ring. Copper also changes colour when it’s exposed to the elements, possibly causing your ring to eventually discolour at the repair site.

Though, do not despair. Rose gold is a beautiful metal and one that you should not shy away from. Being armed with this knowledge helps ensure you know what to expect from it and how it should be treated. It is also extremely important that you choose a jeweller who has experience working with different types of metals. Jewellers like us have many years of experience working with metals that are even more delicate than rose gold. Our experience and knowledge means that we can create and repair rose gold jewellery without causing any of the bad effects just mentioned.

Visit us in Dublin City Centre should you like to find out more or view our rose gold jewellery.

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