Symbols of Ireland Jewellery

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April 20, 2023
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The symbols of Ireland jewellery are creations of excellence which could become tomorrow’s heirloom. Manufactured by Martin Gear Jewellers, the Irish-made jewellery encompasses a unique design which depicts various Irish symbols.

What Are the Symbols of Ireland?

a gold st patricks symbolSt. Patrick: Ireland’s patron saint changed the course of Irish history in the 5th century when he began his mission of converting Ireland to Christianity. St. Patrick was the author of the first document known to have been written in Ireland. Rumour has it that he banished all the snakes too!

a gold dublin castle symbolDublin Castle: Founded in 1204 by order of King John for the administration of justice. Nowadays it is the scene of important state and international functions. Close by is one of the oldest Assay offices in Europe, the Irish Assay office, where all our gold jewellery is sent to be tested and hallmarked.

a gold irish harp symbolIrish Harp: The Irish harp is a musical instrument carved from one piece of bog wood, wire strung, and believed to date back to the 11th and 12th centuries. It is part of Ireland’s heraldic arms and used on the presidential seal and Irish coinage. Did you know that the Irish harp is trademarked by the state? In fact, in order to use the harp, Guinness had to switch it the other way around.

vceltic cross symbolCeltic Cross: The large stone crosses that dot the landscape of Ireland, and other parts of Europe too, were once home to Celtic Christian sites and today are a reminder of the early Celtic church. They were built to designate a holy place, and some were as large as 4-metres tall.

a gold claddagh symbolCladdagh: The Claddagh story begun about 300 years ago in the small fishing village of Claddagh, near Galway in the west of Ireland. It depicts two hands clutching a heart compete with a crown. The heart symbolises love, the hands friendship, and the crown loyalty.

a gold shamrock symbolShamrock: The shamrock is the typical symbol of Ireland we all know of and it symbolises the cross and blessed Trinity. But did you know that before the Christian era it was a sacred plant of the Druids of Ireland?

a gold brooch of tara symbolTara Brooch: The Tara Brooch is probably one of the most beautiful brooches ever found in Ireland. It dates back to the 8th century and was discovered in 1910 near the Hill of Tara at Bettystown, Co. Meath. It is made from silver, covered in precious stones, and can be seen at the national museum of Dublin.

a gold celtic knot symbolTrinity Knot: The Trinity Knot is a traditional Celtic design that is found in the Book of Kells. It symbolises three inter-linked triangles, has no beginning nor end, and is widely used in jewellery or souvenirs.

a gold st bridgets symbolSt. Brigid’s Cross: St. Brigid is the patroness of Ireland. In Pagan law she is seen as the goddess of spring. She gave the town of Kildare its name and the cross can be made by bending rushes, one over another, and tying the ends.

a gold celtic hound symbolCeltic Hound: Chuchulainn is one of the most well-known Celtic heroes. He gained his name by killing the dog of Culann after it attacked him. Because Culann had no dog to protect him anymore, Chuchulainn trained him a new one while guarding Culann’s properties. Hence his name “Hound of Culann”.

a gold gaelic symbolGaeilge: The Irish language developed from one of the Celtic dialects brought to bronze age Ireland and Britain by the Iron Age Celts, who inhabited central Europe some 3000-years ago.

The Symbols of Ireland Jewellery is an exclusive range of registered design jewellery only available from Martin Gear Jewellers. They all carry Martin Gear’s “MTG” hallmark and are available in a range of metals that include silver, gold and platinum. Contact us or come by our workshop on 5 Mary Street where you can see and discover more about the range.

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