Morganite Engagement Rings - The Latest Trend

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April 20, 2023
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There is a new trend in the engagement ring scene that has seen the rise in popularity of Morganite. This beautiful gem is less expensive than diamonds, usually set in rose gold, and its complimentary colours, peachy tones, durability, and high-quality make it an excellent alternative to a diamond ring.

Where Does Morganite Come From?

In 1910 Morganite was first discovered on the island of Madagascar and was then known as rose beryl. The name “Morganite” only came later after George Kunz (a renowned American mineralogist) proposed that the gem be named after his loyal customer, and friend, J.P. Morgan as a thanks to his financial support to the arts and sciences – especially for his important gifts to the American and French natural history museums in Paris and New York. Today Morganite is sourced from all over the world with the main sources being Madagascar and Brazil (others include the US, Russia, China, and Mozambique).

What is Morganite?

a rock of unpolished morganite
A picture of raw morganite. Courtesy “Maia C” on Flickr.

Morganite belongs to the beryl family of minerals which include the well-known varieties of aquamarine and emerald. It is not a clear gem like a diamond and its soft, often calming and alluring colours, are caused thanks to traces of manganese. When untreated, Morganite has a strong element of orange giving the raw gem a salmon colouring, however it is quite rare to find morganite gems in strong colours.

You can easily distinguish it from other pink/salmon-coloured gems by its soft lustre glow and brilliance, and it usually comes in a variety of feminine pinks from pastel pink and salmon to pink peach and subtle lavenders. Having subtle colours allows you to combine the gem with almost any fashion choice – easier when compared to the bright and vibrant colours of rubies and sapphires.

Is Morganite Durable?

Yes, Morganite is a durable gem that has a Mohs’ hardness rating of 7.5 – 8. The Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness is a scale used to define the hardness of various minerals with 10 being the hardest and 1 the softest. Diamonds have a rating of 10, topaz of 8, and quarts of 7.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is hard to quantify a general cost because it depends on factors that include colour, cut, clarity, and weight. However, as of 2022 it is considerably lower priced than diamonds. Though, like when buying a diamond or another gem, the higher your investment the higher quality stone you will get.


Morganite is a good competitor amongst other gemstones. It is less pricey than a diamond (but just as special), it is durable, beautiful, and complimentary to all skin tones and outfits.

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