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All That Glitters Is Not Gold…It Might Be Diamonds Instead!

April 27, 2021

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Although we love every birthstone equally, here at Martin Gear Jewellers we have to admit to a certain amount of excitement about this month’s glittering gem…the diamond. Before we become over excited about the exquisite settings available for April’s sparkling birth stone, we thought we’d give you 3 little known and bizarre facts about the world’s favourite gem.

  • Did you know that astronomers have hypothesised the existence of entire diamond planets? Based on a variety of circumstances, two such stars have already been identified. A white dwarf star BPM 37093 is believed to be 90% pure diamond.
  • Memorial diamonds have started gaining global popularity and are now available in over 30 countries. Memorial diamonds utilise modern technology to turn the ashes of a loved one into a diamond.
  • The exquisite 21.25 carat rough Eureka diamond was found in South Africa by a 15-year-old boy. Today the beautiful, polished diamond is 10.73 carats.

Diamonds have long been used in a variety of heirloom pieces and in this month of April as the first hints of spring begin to shimmer, we think it’s a fabulous idea to create your own heirloom diamond piece. This could either be as a birthstone gift, an April bride piece or just because creating an heirloom piece of jewellery is enormously exciting.

There are a variety of elements to think about when creating a diamond piece you would like to remain in your family. We’ve put together some elements to consider

The Design of the Diamond Jewellery Piece

Diamonds really are the most exquisite gems to design jewellery with, not least because they go beautifully with any type of jewellery metal and any accompanying gem colours. When you are designing your diamond jewellery piece think about these aspects of the design:

  • A modern or classic setting for the piece. Each style has its own pro’s and con’s. Modern jewellery pieces are exciting to design and to wear but could go “out of fashion” in years to come. Classic jewellery pieces follow certain pre-set design “rules” that help keep them fashionable.
  • Do you want to add colour to your jewellery piece or do you want a neutral colour pallet? Adding colour to your piece with gems such as sapphires or rubies interspersed with diamonds makes for an eye-catching piece of jewellery, however, not everyone likes colour in their jewellery. Our suggestion, if you were to include colour, would be to include coloured gems that perhaps have meaning to your family. For example, emeralds representing our Emerald Isle would work well to remind future generations of the heritage of the piece.

The Use of the Piece

The next thing to consider when designing a diamond heritage piece is to choose the use of the jewellery. Is it a pendant to be worn on a beautiful chain, a ring, or a set of drop earrings? The choices you make when it comes to designing your heritage diamond piece will dictate how often the piece is worn and that, in turn, informs the design.

A diamond ring, for example, could well be worn every day whereas a set of drop diamond earrings may only be worn on special occasions. Choosing how you want the heritage diamond piece to be worn plays a large part in the design.

The Practical Aspects of Your Heritage Diamond Design

Taking point 1, the design and point 2, the use, of the heritage jewellery piece into consideration, the next step is to think about the practicalities behind the design and that is where we at Martin Gear Jewellers come into play.

Aspects we consider when designing a heritage diamond piece include:

  • How to get as much natural light into the piece as possible to show off your choice of gems and to help your diamonds to sparkle.
  • The strength of the setting to ensure that the gems and shape of the piece remain intact for generations to come.

With all this in mind, this April, whether you are a bride to be, a special April birthday person, or you’d like to add some more sparkle to your collection, we’re here to help you design the perfect glittering diamond jewellery piece.

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