Why Russian Wedding Rings Are All the Craze?

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April 20, 2023
a trio russian wedding ring bands on a white background
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Russian wedding rings, also known as rolling or trio rings, are three interlocking bands that fit any finger shape beautifully and have recently come back into fashion. If you’re considering adding a Russian wedding ring to your collection, then take a look at some of these interesting facts about them.

Origin Story

Trio rolling rings first appeared in jewellery stores in Russia in the 19th century, where the beautiful, layered appearance of the ring quickly became popular as a wedding ring. Since then the Russian wedding ring design has become globally popular as the classic, comfortable and meaningful ring has taken jewellery fashion by storm.

What Is the Symbolism Behind Russian Wedding Rings?

The classic symbolism of the Russian wedding ring is associated with Christianity, each ring representing a member of the Trinity: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For many non-religious couples, the different rings symbolise the past, present and future of their relationship.

Whether there is religious, relationship or occasional meaning associated with your Russian wedding ring, there are several ways to customise the piece to your specific needs.

Russian Wedding Band Customisation Options

top view of russian wedding ring made from yellow, white, rose gold
russian wedding bands made from yellow, white, rose gold
two sets of russian wedding rings on a white background

The options available to you when designing your Russian wedding ring are almost limitless. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Different precious metals: We have a new collection available in every major precious metal such as yellow, rose, and white gold. All with a smooth finish.
  • Gems: Another popular variation of the Russian wedding ring is to incorporate a gem encrusted infinity ring as part of the design. We particularly like a combination of coloured and diamond gems for a bold piece, or the sparkle of an infinity ring made only of diamonds and grouped with a shiny metal and a matt metal for visual effect.

The wide variety of combinations available to you make the Russian wedding ring a firm favourite among our clients.

Finger Shapes and Russian Wedding Bands

There are a wide range of options available when designing your Russian wedding ring and these include which finger you’d like to wear the piece on.
A popular use of Russian wedding bands is to wear them on the thumb as the way the bands spread when on your finger prevents the ring from falling off. To read more about thumb rings click here.

If you’ve purchased the ring as a wedding ring, then the ring finger is the obvious choice. What you may not know about Russian wedding rings is that they are comfortable for all finger shapes as long as the design is right. Here are three different finger shapes with varying versions of the Russian wedding ring.

  • Tapered fingers: Long tapered fingers offer a wide range of options for the trio rolling ring design including slightly wider bands that will balance out the visual effect of the ring. Because the three rings spread across the fingers, they are less likely to slip off tapered fingers.
  • Large middle knuckle fingers: Russian wedding rings are a fantastic option for people with large middle knuckles on their ring fingers as the shape of the ring enables them to easily slip the ring over the knuckle and then spread and settle over the finger creating a comfortable fit.
  • Short, thicker fingers: When choosing a Russian wedding ring for short and thicker finger shapes be sure to use dainty bands that are in proportion to the rest of your hand.


Whether you’re interested in Russian wedding rings to represent your marriage, your relationship with your children or just because they look amazing, the layered ring affect is sure to stay in fashion for ages to come.

Speak to one of our team members at Martin Gear Jewellers to find out more about making your Russian wedding ring dream a reality.

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