Engagement Ring Hallmarking and Polishing - What's Involved?

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April 24, 2023
martin gear working on raw gold ring castings
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We thought we’d share a byte size article on what’s involved when getting an engagement ring hallmarked and ready for sale.

In the photo above, you can see Martin preparing raw engagement ring castings prior to sending them to the Assay Office. Each ring is pre-cleaned and stamped with his maker’s mark “MTG”, standing for Martin Trevor Gear. He then declares the finesses, stating the carats of each piece, before they get sent to the Assay Office. The Royal Company of Goldsmiths at the Assay Office, dating back to the 1600’s, thoroughly inspects each piece before awarding the coveted and worldwide respected seal of approval - the hallmark.

This process gets done before any ring is polished, set with gems, and tidied up to how you see them in the shop window. This is where the real work begins. Each one is meticulously straightened and hammered into the correct shape, before being filed by hand to make further refinements - sandpaper is then used to remove abrasions and file marks.

The last part is what makes the piece shine. Each one is again inspected by Martin before being pre-polished and prepared for stone setting. He selects and sets the best gems to match the ring before polishing the to a mirror finish where they are then ready to be placed in the displays ready for sale.

Come by our workshop on 5 Mary street to find out more. You may even see Martin working on new pieces behind the counter…

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