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Thumb Rings: The Stuff Legends Are Made Of

February 14, 2021

white gold, rose gold, and yellow goldthumb rings on a white background

Thumb rings, worn by men and women, have recently seen a resurgence in popularity with a wide range of interesting designs available. If you’re partial to the interesting affect thumb rings provide, then you’ll enjoy the rich history and modern variety of thumb rings available to you.

Ancient Warrior Jewellery

Thumb rings are all the rage at the moment and their purely decorative function doesn’t seem to have very deep roots. Did you know that thumb rings have been in use since the Neolithic period (that’s a really long time ago), and also served to protect the thumb from the chaffing associated with long bows and bow and arrows. Originally made from leather or bone, thumb rings were worn by warriors or hunters and far from being decorative, were a necessity to every-day survival.

Thumb Ring Fashion

a yellow gold thumb ring on a white background
a rose gold thumb ring on a white background
a white gold thumb ring on a white background

From ancient battlefields to the catwalk, thumb rings are now being worn as part of a layered jewellery affect and offer you the opportunity to add interest and another layer to the canvas of your hand. The thumb is also a very different shape to every other digit on the hand and still looks balanced with a wider ring. This offers some interesting design options…

We’ve been having a bit of debate here at Martin Gear Jewellers, about what the best thumb ring designs should be. We couldn’t agree on just one so here are the thumb ring designs for women and for men that we particularly like:

Thumb Rings for Women

  • The classic band: Some of our favourite thumb ring designs have to a fine white or yellow gold band, polished to sparkle and fitted to accent the shape of the thumb.
  • A bit of bling: We are always partial to bling and one of our favourite thumb ring designs has to be an alternating diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald infinity ring.
  • Interesting shapes: We’ve recently designed some exquisite thumb ring shapes, with delicate swirls of metal that dance across the thumb.

Thumb Rings for Men

  • Dual metal band: A firm favourite for thumb ring designs for men has to be a dual metal band, either alternating white and yellow gold, or, for a particularly striking design, black and silver titanium.
  • Celtic knot design: With thumb rings being a little wider than rings for fingers, the space in which to engrave intricate Celtic knot designs offers an exciting nod to our heritage while providing you with a unique piece for your collection.
  • Trio rolling ring: Otherwise known as the Russian wedding ring, trio rolling rings consist of three interlinked rings that create a layered jewellery affect. Because this style of ring is more fluid, it is easier to get over the knuckle of the thumb, but then settles snugly ensuring a comfortable fit. For more information on Russian wedding rings click here.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a thumb ring for your own collection or as a gift for a friend, pop in to Martin Gear Jewellers where we can advise on the lovely range of design options available.

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