February's Vividly Violet Birthstone

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April 20, 2023
a large purple amethyst tear drop pendant on a gold chain
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As the long cold months of winter slowly ebb, we’ve been busy preparing for sunnier times and one of the ways we’ve been doing that is by diving into the gorgeous violet tones of February’s birth stones.

While there is always much debate as to exactly which stones belong to which month – and in February there are a lot of options- we’ve decided to focus on the two that best represent the depth and variety of violet that we so enjoy about February’s birthstones.

a single cut amethyst gemstone on a white background

1. Amethyst

With a name originating in Greek meaning “intoxicate” (Amethyst - Wikipedia) Amethyst have long been associated with February with examples in ancient Roman, Polish, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and Indian calendars, Amethyst has been gracing jewellery collections for a long time.

As a variety of quartz, Amethyst comes in a range of purple tones from light lavender through to pale violet and a deep rich purple. As a colour often associated with royalty, Amethyst is a gorgeous gem to include in any collection.

The variety of colour Amethyst offers collectors lends itself to a wide range of settings with the softer paler hues providing a lovely pallet for a young person’s collection. Some of the rarest stones, called Deep Russian, which have a rich purple blue with flashes of red, make for an interesting heirloom jewellery piece.

We’ve put together 3 of our favourite Amethyst settings for you to consider for February birth stone gifts:

  • Deep Russian Amethyst’s make a spectacular centre stone for an engagement ring, set in white gold and frosted with diamonds.
  • Pale lavender Amethyst are simply charming set in an infinity tennis bracelet, making a very special gift for a February birthday person.
  • A series of large violet Amethyst gems make a striking statement in a necklace set in antique gold with matching earrings.

Regardless of the setting, Amethysts are a must have for a special February birthday or a February engagement.

2. Violet Hyacinth

Another gem with ancient roots, the Violet Hyacinth gem, named for the similarity in colour to the Hyacinth plants that blanket forests and gardens alike in a fragrant violet blanket each spring, the Violet Hyacinth Gem is a delightful, if slightly unusual gem for any collection.

Interestingly, a piece of Hyacinth (or Zircon as it is sometimes called) was found in 2014 in Australia and dated at 4,5 billion years old – as old as the planet itself. Hyacinths have been mentioned in ancient Hindu, Jewish and Greek scripts and have graced religious texts for thousands of years.

Some of our favourite settings for Violet Hyacinth include:

  • Drop pendant earrings set with white gold and diamonds.
  • Celtic ring in white gold and black with design highlights in Violet Hyacinth
  • A delicate yellow gold infinity ankle bracelet


Regardless of whether you choose Amethyst or Violet Hyacinth, caring for your February birthstone jewellery should include the following steps:

  1. Gently rinse the piece in a bowl of warm soapy water
  2. Use a soft brush such as an old toothbrush to remove dirt
  3. Pat the piece dry with a soft cloth
  4. Inspect all of the clasps to ensure that the gems are secure.

Whether you are purchasing a February birth stone piece for a loved one or adding to your collection, consider the rich tones that Amethyst and Violet Hyacinth offer you.

At Martin Gear Jewellers, one of the few jewellery stores with an onsite jewellery manufacturing workshop in Dublin, we specialise in sourcing the most gorgeous gems, co-creating beautiful jewellery with our clients. Why not get in touch to find out how we can make your February birthstone jewellery creations a reality.

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