The Disadvantage of Titanium and Tungsten Rings

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November 23, 2023
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The idea of owning a titanium or tungsten rings may sound appealing to many, especially because they are extremely strong metals. Rings made from such metals feel light, comfortable, and are much stronger than the softer metals such as gold… But they have a major drawback.

Your wedding ring is more than a symbol of your marriage, it is almost like a talisman that bestows protective powers over the union and sanctity of your marriage that fends off the evil spirits of divorce. It is an item you want to wear your whole life and one that you never want to replace.

So, What is the Drawback?

Your fingers are almost certainly going to change size as you age. The rest of your body may stay a similar size, but your knuckles can grow larger meaning your wedding ring will need to be resized. The problem here is that it is extremely difficult (almost impossible) to resize tungsten or titanium and there are certainly very few (if not none) jewellers who specialise in that field.

They are Inexpensive

It is true that such rings are inexpensive and to get a larger size you could throw it away and order a new one. However, do you really want to do that with your original wedding ring?

Gold and Platinum Can Easily Be Resized

Unlike tungsten and titanium, platinum and gold can easily be resized. A manufacturing jeweller, like ourselves, can easily split the shank and solder it into a larger size. You may initially pay more for a gold or platinum ring, but in ten years from now you will be easily able to get your ring resized and wear it until the end of your days.

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