Bracelet & Bangle Repairs - Which Repairs Can Be Done?

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April 20, 2023
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Because bracelets are more susceptible to bumps and knocks, and because they tend to consist of a variety of links and elements such as charms, they have a tendency to require more maintenance. There are several aspects to think about when keeping your bracelets or bangles in beautiful condition.

Link Bracelets

a silver fancy link bracelet on a white background

Bracelets consisting of chain links require particular attention as they age, as loose links can hook on clothing or other fabric, further damaging the bracelet – and even the clothing. When you notice your bracelet hooking on fabric, inspect the links carefully and gently squeeze them back into place until you can bring it in to our shop for a service.

Tennis Bracelets

a white gold and diamond tennis bracelet on a white background

Because the links in tennis bracelets are very fine, dust, creams and grime can become compacted in the joins, making the bracelet stiff and brittle. If this starts to happen, give the bracelet a gentle clean in some soapy warm water. If it continues to be a problem, bring it in to us for a service and clean.

Solid Metal Bangles/Bracelets

a silver solid metal bangle on a white background

Depending on whether your bracelet is made of gold, silver, platinum or bronze; solid metal bracelets have a tendency to pick up scuffs and small scratches from being bumped against other objects. They also tend to tarnish with frequent use. Start by gently washing them in warm soapy water and then bring them in to our shop so that we can buff out any scratches and return them to their former sparkle.

Charm Bracelets

a rose gold bracelet and charm on a white background

Charm bracelets require particularly vigilant maintenance as each charm link must be checked regularly to ensure that general wear and tear hasn’t damaged the connection of the charm and bracelet. We recommend laying the piece out on a flat surface before you put it on and taking a quick inventory of the links so that you can ensure you won’t lose charms when you wear the bracelet. If one of the links doesn’t look stable, try squeeze it closed and then bring it to use for repair. This is especially important for precious metal charms that have high-value gemstones – the last thing you want is to loose one of those charms.


We recommend inspecting your bracelets and bangles often and keeping them clean with a gentle bath in soapy water – just don’t add soap to pearls or opal. You should aim to get them checked by a professional at least once/twice a year.

Visit our shop in Dublin City Centre where we can check the links in your bracelets and buff out any nicks and scratches from solid metal bracelets and bangles.

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