Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands (What’s the Difference?)

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April 20, 2023
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Many people are confused about what the difference between an engagement ring, wedding ring and wedding band are. It’s a mystery that we are here to help you solve. Let’s start by looking at the engagement ring…

The Engagement Ring

gold engagement ring with one large solitaire diamondTraditionally speaking, an engagement ring is given by one partner to another when asking for a hand in marriage. They usually have a central diamond as the focal point with either a simple or complex design around it.

Did you know that it’s not uncommon for some women to choose to wear only one ring throughout their married life? While they are engagement, the ring is used as an engagement ring and when they get married, the same ring merely changes in symbolism and becomes their wedding ring.

Top tip: One of the more difficult aspects to purchasing an engagement ring is which ring to choose? One lesser-known secret is to focus on finding the right diamond for your future fiancée, and not the setting. The diamond is then mounted in a simple solitaire setting and used for the proposal. After the proposal, you can tell your fiancée that you want the ring to reflect their taste and personality. That you want them to wear it for their rest of their lives with pride. You can then invite them to be part of the engagement ring design and let them choose a style that they like most.

The Wedding Band

a plain titanium wedding band A wedding band is not as intricate, shaped or styled in the same way as a wedding ring. A wedding band is usually a simple metal band, the same type of band that couples have been giving to each other for centuries. They are typically made from gold, but these days they are available in a much wider range of precious metals that include platinum (one of the more popular), white gold, titanium and palladium. Wedding bands are typically seen been worn by men.

The Wedding Ring

gold and twisted wedding ringWedding rings are typically worn more by women and are more intricate than wedding bands. Where a wedding band is a simple metal band, a wedding ring can be encrusted with gemstones, shaped and more feminine looking. Wedding rings are made from a wide variety of precious metals too, they can be shaped to fit snugly into an engagement ring and can be encrusted with any number of gemstones.

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