The Basic Anatomy of a Diamond

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April 20, 2023
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A diamond (or any other cut gemstone) has an anatomy just like an engagement ring does. Knowing the anatomy of a diamond, and how each part functions, will give you an insight into how the diamond works and generates its sparkle. The diagram above shows the five basic parts that make up the anatomy of a traditional diamond.

The Anatomy of a Diamond Includes:

The Table

The table is the largest surface seen when looking down on your engagement ring. It Is located at the top of the diamond and assists with refracting light rays.

The Girdle

This is the widest part of your diamond, and it is where the prongs or setting of your engagement ring grab and hold it firmly in place. A fun fact, and one that may surprise you, is that it is possible to inscribe a message on this part of the diamond.

The Crown

The part which extends from the table to the girdle is known as the crown. It can be cut to include several different facets such as brilliant, step, bezel or star cut facets. The major function of a crown is to help distribute light and contribute to the brilliance and sparkle.

The Culet

The pointed bottom of the diamond is known as the culet, and it is usually fully surrounded and protected by the engagement ring setting. The culet helps protect the pavilion and alleviate the risk of damage caused by a loose setting.

The Pavilion

The pavilion is the part which extends from the culet to the girdle. It is one of the major parts whose cut determines the quality of light reflection. A good quality cut pavilion, one cut by a master craftsman, allows for the maximum amount of light to be reflected maximising the stone’s sparkle and brilliance.


An engagement ring is one of the most important jewellery purchases you will ever make. By having a basic understanding of its anatomy, you will better understand and be able to describe to your jeweller the type of diamond you’re after. Come buy our jewellery workshop in Dublin City Centre or contact us should you want help picking out the perfect diamond.

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