Sapphire Engagement Rings

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April 20, 2023
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Sapphires are a popular choice for engagement rings, be it the colour, symbolism or uniqueness. They form part a of the four main precious stones alongside diamonds, rubies and emeralds and for centuries it has been considered the ultimate blue gemstone.

Since ancient times the blue sapphire represented a promise of devotion, loyalty, virtue and honesty. Thus, traditionally making sapphires one of the most popular engagement gemstones today. They are second only to the diamond in strength, extremely durable and are an excellent choice for an engagement ring. With a hardness of nine on the Mohs scale – diamonds being ten.

Sapphires make unique engagement rings because the result of the variances in shade assure a distinctively customized ring. Sapphires with their multiple colours and hues are a true declaration of love.

The September birthstone is sapphire, as well as being a traditional gift for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Modern day romantics believe sapphires bring good luck, happiness and loyalty. Blue sapphires are equally impressive set in either silver, platinum or gold. The minimum cut size should be two carats, five being the ideal size.

Some of the well-known sapphire engagement rings:

  • Princess Diana and Kate Middleton – blue sapphire with diamond halo
  • Victoria Beckham – round cut sapphire ring. One of her several engagement rings from husband David Beckham
  • Elizabeth Hurley – square cut sapphire
  • Elizabeth Taylor – domed cabochon sapphire
  • Penelope Cruz – antique inspired
  • Mary Kate Olsen – vintage Cartier engagement ring. Centre diamond surrounded by 16 sapphires

Legend and History

Originating from the Greek word “sappheiras” meaning “blue colour”. They have been highly regarded from as far back as 800 BC. Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory engagement period in 1215. Over this period a sapphire’s colour was claimed to change or fade if a deceptive person wore it, thus testing the fidelity of the lover it was given too. Rulers of Ancient Persia believed the blue skies reflected the sapphire stones on earth. Ancient Greeks believed that blue sapphires held mystical powers and bestowed wisdom and good health.

Kings wore sapphires to protect them from harm and to attract divine protection. King Solomon was said to wear a sapphire ring. Traditionally a favourite stone of both priests and kings, symbolizing purity and wisdom. According to legend, Helen of Troy, was said to have owned a majestic star sapphire and in 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his dearest wife a sapphire engagement ring.

It is even said that some believe the name sapphire is obtained from its association with Saturn…

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