March’s Birthstone: The Promise of Summer to Come

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April 20, 2023
a single aquamarine gemstone on a white background
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It always feels like March should be warmer than it is as the seasons ever so slowly creep towards spring. This month we’re dreaming of long summer days, exotic azure oceans and clear blue skies. We’re also enjoying the idea of red hot, steamy summers, fiery, mysterious adventures and just a little sparkle of magic all represented in the beautiful sister birthstones of March, the Aquamarine and the Bloodstone.

These two stones couldn’t be more different in appearance, although the ancients believed both stones were instrumental in protection of the wearer. Our team has had a great time dreaming up exotic settings and pairings for these exquisite stones.


Let’s begin with the Aquamarine...

An exquisitely clear gem, Aquamarines vary in colour from pale blue to sea green and to a deep bluish green. The name “Aquamarine” comes from the Latin seawater with ancient mariners claiming the stones helped to sooth the sea.

Chiefly found in Brazil the clarity and unusual colour of Aquamarine conjure images of exotic oceans and far away sun gilded lands.

We particularly love what light does to an Aquamarine, our favourite settings include pendants and drop earrings as well as carefully set rings that enable as much light as possible into the setting.
Aquamarine’s are 7,5-8 on Mohs scale of hardness, which means they are well suited to everyday wear.

As an unusual and beautiful gem for a March birthday or a March bride, the Aquamarine is a delightful gem for any collection.

As we’ve mentioned, the Aquamarine’s birthstone sister gem for March is the Bloodstone...


a gold college ring with a large bloodstone gem

You may have visions of a ruby shaded gem, but the Bloodstone is, in fact, mostly a deep greenish, blue or black. Unusually, it is speckled with bright red, which makes it look like blood has been sprayed across it.

The Bloodstone is a dark green jasper with iron oxide inclusions, which gives it the unusual pattern it is famous for. Another name for the Bloodstone is Heliotrope, a Greek word that means “to turn the sun”. Ancients believed that the Bloodstone, if placed in water, could turn the sun red.

Another belief about the stone is that the red “blood” speckles represent the blood of Christ, and as March is either the month of Easter or just before Easter, the Bloodstone has been used as a canvas for religious engravings for centuries.

Bloodstones are found in China, Australia, India and the US and are great for everyday wearing.
The deep rich colour of Bloodstone makes it a great gem for male and female jewellery.

We particularly like these settings for Bloodstone:

  • Large square cut tennis bracelet set in platinum or silver for a striking male piece.
  • A tear drop cut pendant for a striking ladies piece.
  • Round blood stones set in platinum or silver as an ankle bracelet.
  • Engraved blood stone as a religious piece.

Whatever your taste may be, Blood stones makes for a striking and unusual gem for any collection.

In one of our recent articles on Bridal Jewellery (see here) we mentioned various traditions and heirloom opportunities for bridal jewellery.

We particularly love the idea of including birthstones into a bridal jewellery collection as it is a wonderful reminder of the month in which the happy occasion took place.

Aquamarine would make a delightful collection to any bridal jewellery collection as it could be the “something blue” many brides embrace as part of their wedding outfit.

Bloodstone’s rich jade tones would also make a delightful addition to the grooms jewellery, perhaps as cuff links, as the rich jade tones of the Bloodstone are not only a reminder of the month but also a nod to the Emerald Isle we all love.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the wide range of exquisite March and other jewellery pieces we have available.

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