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June’s Triplet Birth Stones

June 17, 2020

As spring melts into summer with the arrival of June, a rather unusual event occurs in the jewellery world. June is the first month of the year with not one birthstone, but three associated with it.

June is one of only 3 months of the year (August and December being the other two months) that has over one birth stone and at Martin Gear Jewellers we think June’s gorgeous stones have to be some of the most interesting on the market.

Whether you like classic jewellery, modern gems or stones with a split personality, this month’s birthstones promise not to disappoint. The Martin Gear Jeweller team are ready and waiting to help you find the perfect June birthstone setting for that someone special.

So, without further elaboration, we present the June birthstone triplets:

The Perfect Pearl

a yellow gold, diamond and pearl engagement ringThe only organic jewel on the market, pearls are grown inside fresh or salt-water oysters around the world. Pearls have been prized for their lustre and perfect orb like shape for centuries, and as the oldest known gem, have adorned those in power for millennia.

Size, shape, uniformity and lustre dictate the value of pearls in the traditional jewellery setting, but in more recent times, colour and unique shape have been used by modern jewellery designers in modern statement pieces that celebrate the distinctive nature of each gem.

If you are shopping for a classic birth stone for June, then nothing beats the timeless pearl. Whether incorporated into earrings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets, we are certain that pearl jewellery will stand the test of time and still be in fashion in decades to come.

The Mysterious Moonstone

a silver pendant with a large moonstone gemstone at its centreThe second birthstone for June is the moonstone, a slightly milky, white stone that refracts light in such a way that it looks as though a sliver of a moonbeam has been captured in the rock giving it an ethereal glow.

Moonstones mythical past includes ancient Romans and Greek jewellery representing lunar deities and have been associated with ancient mythological creatures, some of which are fabled to grace Ireland’s shores.

Because of the crystal structure within moonstones light diffracts or dances within the gem. To maximise this otherworldly effect, Moonstones are at their best when set to allow maximum light to refract within them.

If you’re looking at purchasing a Moonstone as a birthstone, the Martin Gear Jewellery team would recommend a setting such as a pendent or drop earrings amplifying the stones natural iridescence.

The Alluring Alexandrite

a round brilliant cut Alexandrite gemstoneAlexandrites are a rare variety of chrysoberyl that change colour dependent on the light. These extraordinary stones can change from deep pink to emerald, green to yellow or deep purple to turquoise blue and are a unique addition to any jewellery collection.

Named after the future Tsar of Russia Alexander II, Alexandrite’s distinctive properties make it one of the rarest and most expensive coloured gems on the market.
Alexandrite gems make a unique engagement ring for a bride-to-be born in June or an unexpected pendant or bracelet for someone special with a birthday in June.

We recommend a setting that maximises and highlights the gems unusual qualities such as a solitaire or a cathedral or a more modern tension setting as each of these allows for the gem to be exposed to the maximum amount of light.


Whether your taste leans towards classic gems like the timeless pearl, ethereal jewellery like the mysterious moonstone or gems with an unexpected twist like the alluring Alexandrite, June’s birthstones include something for everyone and every occasion. Contact us or come by our workshop to find out more and to see our birthstone jewellery.

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