4 Ways With July’s Juicy Ruby Red Birthstone

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April 20, 2023
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With July being the very heart of summer, no birthstone could be more perfect than the ruby. Whether you choose a deep luscious stone or a sweetly innocent pink toned stone, rubies are a delightful birthstone to own for any person born in July.

Most people think of the ruby as a deep red stone, but the colour varies from a light pink to blood red and even purply red toned . This works perfectly to match the wide variety of personalities associated with the month of July. From variable Cancerian’s to passionate Leo’s July’s ruby birthstone provides a broad spectrum of juicy colours to choose from.

Rubies have 9.0 hardness on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, with only moissanite and diamonds being harder. This means that rubies are fantastic stones to be incorporated into jewellery for everyday wear such as rings, earrings, watches or pendants.

We have put together our top 4 favourite ruby settings to get you thinking about how you can incorporate this stunning stone into your jewellery collection.

One: Rubies and Diamonds

white gold ruby and diamond earrings

Because of the richness of colour available in ruby stones, rings or necklaces created using alternating rubies and diamonds makes for a striking contrast that catches the eye.

We particularly enjoy creating ruby and diamond infinity rings where the alternating stones compliment and contrast with each other enhancing the unique qualities of each stone.

Two: Rubies and White Gold

a white gold and ruby engagement ring on a white background

The bright sheen of white gold paired with a lighter toned ruby for a younger wearer, or a deep red ruby, highlights the rich colours of the stones.

We have found that customers like the luminance white gold provides for larger rubies in a drop earrings or pendant settings as the colour of the metal enhances the richness of the stone.

Three: Rubies and Yellow Gold

yellow gold ruby and diamond engagement ring on a white background

Perhaps the most traditional pairing, rubies and yellow gold have a certain regal quality to them that stands the test of time. The Martin Gear Jewellery team often recommend rubies and yellow gold settings for pieces that have the potential to become heirlooms.

One of our favourite settings of rubies and yellow gold is a delicate tennis bracelet. This perfect special birthday gift for anyone born in July is a striking piece that can be worn at a host of occasions, from everyday wear to special events.

Four: Rubies and Black Gold

closeup of a ruby and black gold ring on a white background

One of the latest trends in jewellery is the use of black gold, which, when paired with the rich tones offered by rubies, creates unique, dramatic pieces with a mythical and ancient quality to them. The unusual quality of the gold pairs beautifully with the lush ruby tones to create a unique piece of jewellery that reflects the wearers personality.


Whether you are purchasing a piece of ruby jewellery for a friends birthday, a christening or a bride to be, born in July, the rich qualities of rubies along with the wide range of pinks, reds and purples to choose from offer a great deal of variety. So, make sure you include rubies in your jewellery collection this July and give us a call to discuss unique settings for your ruby piece.

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