Unlocking the Enchanting Symbolism of Sapphire Engagement Rings

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November 23, 2023
white gold and sapphire engagement ring
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A twinkling sapphire beautifully nestled into a stunning engagement ring – it’s an image that speaks of timeless elegance and deep devotion.

In recent years, more and more Irish couples have been gravitating towards coloured gemstones for their engagement rings, and sapphires, in particular, are gradually stealing the spotlight.

But what is the deeper allure behind sapphire engagement rings, and what do they symbolise?

In this article, we delve into the rich history, symbolism, and unique charm of sapphire engagement rings, and why they might just be the perfect choice for your special moment.

A Rich Tapestry of History and Symbolism

Sapphires have long been admired throughout history.

Ancient Greeks associated sapphires with the god Apollo and the divine, believing them to represent wisdom and virtue, as well as a connection to the spirit world. In the Middle Ages, the clergy adorned their ecclesiastical rings with sapphires, both as a symbol of heaven and of chastity.

When it comes to more contemporary love and romance though, sapphires have a storied past. They are believed to symbolise truth, sincerity, and faithfulness – attributes that resonate deeply with the promises made during a proposal.

Perhaps the most well-known sapphire engagement ring is that of the late Princess Diana, a stunning blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds, which Prince William later presented to Kate Middleton. This ring not only reaffirmed a long history of connection between sapphires and royalty but also set a trend for sapphire engagement rings across the globe.

Intrinsic Qualities: Durability and Brilliance

Aside from the rich symbolism, sapphires bring their own practical qualities to an engagement ring. Second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, a sapphire ring stands up remarkably well to daily wear.

Sapphires are also known for their exceptional brilliance and array of colours. While blue is the most recognisable colour, sapphires can come in nearly every hue except red, each bringing its own unique charm and significance to engagement jewellery.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Unique Expression of Love

Choosing a sapphire engagement ring is a beautiful way to celebrate the unique bond between you and your partner. It’s a testament to a love story that values tradition, yet one that dares to be different.

If you’re drawn to the deep blues, vibrant yellows, or even the subtle pinks of sapphires, then you’re very likely in the pursuit of something that truly stands apart. A sapphire engagement ring can be this difference – symbolising a love that’s strong, enduring, and beautifully unique.

Unearth Your Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

An engagement ring selection is a deeply personal journey.

Steeped in rich history and meaningful symbolism, sapphires can offer a vibrant palette of colours and hues beyond the ‘standard’ blue. Once paired with a cut that matches your partner’s style, a sapphire ring has the power to marry aesthetic appeal with emotional significance, creating the perfect emblem of your inimitable love story.

Need help from the experts?

If you’re considering a sapphire engagement ring, then you may also be looking for an experienced hand in navigating this important decision.

At Martin Gear Jewellers, we offer expert guidance as well as a stunning selection of sapphire engagement rings. We also happen to be one of the only jewellers in Dublin with an onsite manufacturing workshop, so, if you can’t find that perfect wedding ring, we’ll craft it for you!

To learn more, simply drop into our store at 5 Mary St, Dublin 1, or call us on (01) 872 8726.


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