The Rise of Art Deco Engagement Rings

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November 23, 2023
front view of a sapphire and diamond art deco style engagement ring
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The sleek and chic designs of vintage-style Art Deco engagement rings look just as fresh today as they did a century ago.

Find out why this style of engagement ring is making a big comeback in Ireland today.

First off Though, What Is ‘Art Deco’ Exactly?

side view of a sapphire and diamond art deco style engagement ring

Art Deco is an eclectic style of visual arts, architecture, and design which first appeared in France just before the onset of World War 1.

The Art Deco style, short for ‘Arts Décoratifs’, actually took its name from the ‘Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes’, or the ‘International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts’ - for those of us not fluent in French - held in Paris back in 1925.

Although the style originated just before World War 1, Art Deco reached the height of popularity during the 1920s, 1930s, and early 1940s, influencing the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion, cars, cinemas, trains, and ships – not to mention everyday objects such as radios and household vacuum cleaners too.

The use of bright colours, characterised by geometric patterns, and ornate patterned detailing are all associated with the Art Deco movement.

Why Buy an Art Deco Engagement Ring?

The refined style of Art Deco jewellery has made its way back into women’s collections quite a number of times over the last century. In recent years however, Art Deco engagement rings have seen a particular rise in popularity in Ireland due to their unique vintage ‘Great Gatsby’ charm, as well as a timeless radiance that you just can’t find with other styles of engagement ring.

Design-wise, Art Deco engagement rings predominantly feature geometric ‘step-cut’ diamonds normally set in platinum or white gold bands. This type of diamond cut gives these rings a clean balance, strong visual appeal, and an unmistakeable Art Deco air that appeals to many brides-to-be who adore a certain vintage elegance to their jewellery.

Art Deco engagement rings are also often accented with colourful precious gems such as sapphires, rubies, coral, and turquoise stones, combining to make stunning colourful contrasts.

How Do You Choose the ‘Perfect’ Art Deco Engagement Ring?

If you want to choose the perfect Art Deco engagement ring, first consider these 4 key points:

  1. Choose a band made of white metal. For example, white gold or platinum.
  2. Look out for precious stones cut in geometrical shapes. Think circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.
  3. Look for that unique colour contrast. Don’t be afraid of colour – Art Deco-style diamond cuts look great with pretty much any colourful gemstone.
  4. Symmetry is art.

Traditional Art Deco engagement rings are perfectly balanced and symmetrical. Among other things, it’s this symmetry that give these engagement rings their extremely elegant appearance.

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