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The Peaky Blinders – Jewellery Design at its Peak

September 12, 2020

Like many of you, we have fallen for the world of Peaky Blinders. The glam, the grit, the old-world charm. The show has captured the imagination of many, so much so that we’ve seen an increase in a request for jewellery design from the 1920s era.

So, let’s take a “Peak” at the classic pieces that you could add to your collection to capture the essence of old world charm.

The Pocket Watch

an old pocket watch and other items of jewellery on a brown cloth

A quintessential 1920s piece that is making a comeback is the pocket watch and chain. We particularly like the statement this piece makes in yellow gold as it stands out beautifully against dark fabrics.

Pocket watches have been around for centuries and often include intricate mechanisms and beautifully crafted covers.

We’d love to co-create a truly unique gift or a piece for your own collection which could include inlays of different coloured metals or intricate initial work making this pocket watch a family heirloom the next generation can enjoy.

The Signet Ring

a gold signet ring with a half engraved surface on a white background

A trend revived by the Peaky Blinders cast is Signet Rings. Used for centuries by men of power, signet rings used to be used as a stamp on the security seal on top secret or important letters.

In recent times signet rings had gone out of fashion, but we’re delighted to see they’re making a comeback in a big way.
For a truly unique signet ring, why not include some art deco design which includes simple, clean shapes with geometric detailing. This classic style–featured in the Peaky Blinders jewellery–brings a timeless quality to any signet ring design and can be easily adapted to a personal feature such as initials or meaningful symbols.

So far, we’ve taken a look at the classic jewellery trends for men sparked by the Peaky Blinders cast, but the glamorous women who grace the set have reintroduced beautiful jewellery design that stand the test of time. The next trend we’re really enjoying at the moment is…

Statement Necklaces

a thick gold rope necklace on a white background

Whether as part of everyday wear or a special occasion the trend towards gorgeous statement necklaces has been one we’re delighted to see return to centre stage. Some of the styles we particularly like are:

  • The large gemstone pendants cut into a rectangle or tear drop, paired with silver or gold rope chains.
  • The long-knotted gold and silver rope necklaces as these work for both daytime and evening wear and make for a beautiful statement piece.
  • Art deco yellow or white gold pendants. The classic, clean and striking geometric shapes of these pendants create wonderful design interest.

Drop Earrings

a set of white gold twisted drop earrings on a white background

Intricate multi gem drop earrings, set in white or yellow gold, frame the face of the stunning women featured in the Peaky Blinders cast and work particularly well with beautiful gem encrusted head pieces that were the fashion craze at the time.

While head pieces might not have made a comeback into modern jewellery trends just yet, the lovely Art Deco drop earrings most certainly have. A stylish edition to any collection, we’re excited to see these beautiful drop earrings come back into fashion as their timeless elegance make for wonderful legacy pieces.


Whether you’re looking to inject old world charm into your style or just have some fun with the Peaky Blinders look, any piece designed in this style will stand the test of time and make for an exciting conversation starter whenever you wear it. Contact us or visit us in Dublin City Centre to find out more.

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