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Oval-Shaped engagement rings have been around since the second half of the 20th century and are becoming a very popular cut in Ireland. Their elongated cut has all the same excellence and sparkle of a round brilliant cut gemstone. Oval-cut engagement ring gemstones come in all manner of sizes – with some nearly round and others quite long and thin. They are a beautiful addition to an engagement ring and can also help lengthen the appearance of your fingers.

Oval Morganite Diamond Halo Ring

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Did you know that we can bring you exceptionally well-made engagement rings that cost as much as 60% less than the High-Street? By being a local jewellery manufacturer, we can make an oval-shaped engagement ring right from our own workshop. This means we cut out a lot of the middlemen and pass the savings directly on to our customers. All our oval-shaped engagement rings are created to the highest of standards and are some of the best value in the whole of Ireland.

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A Unique Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring

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Getting your partner a bespoke made engagement ring is the perfect option if you are looking for a ring that is 100% unique. A ring that perfectly fits their personality and style. You have complete control over the design, and we can help you bring your idea to life. Contact us or come by our jewellery workshop on Mary Street for more information.

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