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An engagement ring is one of the most beautiful and memorable items you could ever buy. It needs to take your partner’s breath away, compliment their personality and more importantly, accepting your proposal. At our Dublin boutique you can save up to as much as 60% off with genuine diamond rings starting off from as low as €295. We manufacture rings in our very own in-store workshop and can design you a unique ring to match your partner’s personality. Only the best materials and techniques are used and each ring is certified for authenticity and hallmarked as required by Irish law.

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The Different Types of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings can come in a variety of shapes, styles and design that suit just about any person’s character and lifestyle. Some of the popular designs include the following types:

Multi-stone engagament or wedding ring in white gold


A multi-stone ring usually comes with either three or five stones set on a precious metal band – though, it is not uncommon to find rings that have seven or even eight stones. Each stone can be equally sized and shaped, or they can be of different sizes and materials. For example, a three-stone engagement ring could have a large diamond at its centre with two smaller diamonds on either end.

Gold solitaire diamond engagement ring


A solitaire ring is the classical, traditional, and timeless ring that we all know of. It’s made up of a precious metal band that has a larger single stone set upon it. The stone is traditionally a diamond, but it can be any number of gemstones with popular cuts including round, princess, emerald, heart, and oval cut stones. This type of design gives the stone a more magnificent and prominent role.

Shaped gold & twisted engagement or wedding ring


Shaped engagement rings come in a large range of shapes that include twisted, v-square, curved, double-curved, and cut to fit designs. They are often made of gold, platinum, white gold, or even silver and can be set with just about any stone or an array of stones. The range of styles and shapes that they come in make them a perfect choice when you are trying to find a style of ring that fits your partner’s personality.

Rose gold diamond eternity engagement or wedding banc


With no beginning and no end, an eternity ring symbolises the eternal nature of one’s love. It is usually made from platinum, yellow, or white gold and has a row of stones (usually diamonds) set around its entire circumference. There are also half-set eternity rings where the stones travel only halfway around the ring.

White gold diamond encrusted halo engagament ring


Halo engagement rings are highly sought after due the brilliance that can be added to the centre stone. This type ring usually has a large stone set at the middle surrounded by smaller stones creating a halo effect. This setting not only makes your engagement ring dazzle but also emphasizes the size of the centre stone. Traditionally, cushioned or round diamonds are used but there are many designs that include double-halo or princess cut diamonds.

Martin Gear setting a diamond on a gold engagement ring

Bespoke Made Rings


Team up with our master goldsmith and jeweller to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your partner. Designing your very own ring is not only unique but it can also convey your message in exactly the way you want it to. You have the freedom to choose any shape or style imaginable, any material, and any type of stone – your imagination is the only limit. We use our combined experience, a state of the art CAD system, and our own in-store workshop in Dublin to create your ring and get it certified and hallmarked, in a matter of weeks.

Largest Ring Collection…

Did you know that Martin Gear Jewellers has one of the (if not, the) largest collection of engagement and wedding rings in Ireland? We also have some of the oldest ring moulds too, with some of them older than most people in Dublin.

A lady looking at a jewellers tray of golden rings
A lady looking at a jewellers tray of golden rings

Largest Ring Collection…

Did you know that Martin Gear Jewellers has one of the (if not, the) largest collection of engagement and wedding rings in Ireland? We also have some of the oldest ring moulds too, with some of them older than most people in Dublin.

antique style engagement ring

Antique Engagement Rings

Many Irish couples are looking at antique engagement rings over their modern counterparts. Not only because they want a piece that has a long history and a story to tell, but also because they want a piece that is unique and one that may increase in value over the years.

vintage engagement ring - princess margareth

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are different to antique rings in the sense that they are from a newer era. Vintage rings are generally considered to be between 30 and 100 years old, and Irish couples are looking at them for the similar reasons as an antique ring.

princess style promise ring

Antique Engagement Rings

Promise rings have increased in popularity since the early 90’s but not a lot of people know what they are or what they should be used for. The key is in the words “promise ring” and they are mainly used a pre-engagement ring to symbolise one’s promise to propose.

Why Choose Martin Gear Jewellers?



Unlike some other stores and some online retailers, we do not take short cuts on quality to increase our profit margins by selling hollowed out jewellery or by using cheaper materials. We believe in quality and durability and that taking shortcuts or trying to save on manufacturing costs will undermine our belief and ultimately lead to disappointment. Our engagement rings are hand-crafted to the best standards, certified for authenticity, and hallmarked (as required by Irish law).


One of the main differences between a skilled jeweller and a large chain store is the expertise. Martin Gear Jewellers provide a one-to-one service from a highly skilled jeweller that a chain store cannot – most staff in chain stores are not as highly skilled as an expert jeweller. We are Dublin’s diamond experts, as certified by De Beers, and have a master goldsmith on-premise.


Since our humble beginnings in 1969 we have become synonymous with jewellery and jewellery services. Not only in Dublin, but also throughout Ireland and even further afield. Locals and international visitors from afar still visit after so many years have passed, and each get the same (if not better) great service and expertise that they have come to know us by.


We excel when it comes to providing our clients with a world-class aftersales service. All our rings come with a free and unlimited lifetime cleaning plan that ensures it remains as brilliant looking as on the day it was purchased. We also give free and unlimited inspections to make sure you do not loose any precious stones due to wear and tear.

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