Different Diamond Cuts Explained

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November 23, 2023
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Throughout history, diamonds have held their place as a symbol of wealth, status, and style.

In their natural state however, diamonds can have a rough, uneven texture. These ‘unworked’ diamonds are very different from the perfectly polished diamonds we’re used to seeing in jewellery shops.

More widely known as ‘uncut’ stones, these rough diamonds first need to be ‘cut’ to determine their level of clarity, and subsequently, their value. The craftsman then chooses a final cut to best show off the diamond’s individual features.

Now, if you’re planning on buying a diamond ring, it’s useful to learn about the various cut options available so you can better choose the perfect diamond for you – read on to learn more.

Diamond Cuts Explained

When buying a diamond, the shape or cut of the stone is probably one of the first things you’ll need to choose.

This choice is less about prestige, and more about getting the highest quality for your money!

So, here’s everything you need to know about diamond cuts!

Round Brilliant Cut

round brilliant cut diamond on an engagement ring

The ‘Round Brilliant Cut’ is the most popular diamond shape, with this cut accounting for over 75% of all diamonds sold. Round cut diamonds have more brilliance than any other shape and are the most versatile cut fit for most types of jewellery.

Princess Cut

princess cut diamond on platinum engagement ring

The ‘Princess Cut’ is one of the most popular cut shapes on the market today. This cut is square-shaped with a rounded top on its this ‘pyramidal’ shape which helps to reflect light radiantly.

Emerald Cut

emeral cut diamond on a halo engagement ring

‘Emerald Cut’ stones are one of the oldest diamond cuts – dating back to the 1500s. These stones are rectangular in shape, with broad, flat planes and truncated edges.

Oval Cut

oval cut diamond on a double halo engagement ring

‘Oval Cut’ stones are cut in much the same way as round diamonds and feature a very pleasing shine, sparkle, and brilliance. One amazing benefit of oval cut stones is that they appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight.

Marquise Cut

marquise cut diamond on a halo engagement ring

A ‘Marquise Cut’ stone – also named a ‘Navette’ or ‘little boat’ – has elongated and pointed ends with a curved shape that resembles a rugby ball. These diamonds are often cut with a ‘French tip’ where the star and upper girdle facets replace large bezel facets.

Pear Cut

pear cut diamond on a halo engagement ring

A ‘Pear Cut’ diamond has a combination of ‘Round’ and ‘Marquise’ cuts. The ideal pear cut diamond has a rounded base and polished girdle.

Cushion Cut

cushion cut morganite gemstomestone on halo engagement ring

The photo above shows a morganite gem, but the cut is exactly the same as a diamond. ‘Cushion Cut’ stones are square or rectangular with rounded corners. The sides of these diamonds are curved with an outline is similar to that of a pillow – hence the name ‘cushion cut’.

Heart Cut

heart cut diamond on white gold ring

‘Heart Cut’ diamonds are both romantic and elegant, however, the most important thing to consider when buying one, is quality of the curved cut. This curved cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of the stone and only the most talented cutters have the skills needed to achieve it correctly.

Asscher Cut

asscher cut diamond on white gold engagement ring

The ‘Asscher Cut’ was created in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers from the Netherlands. This cut holds its own thanks to its unique ability to create a “hall of mirrors” effect. This is caused by its deep pavilion, high crown, and a faceted culet, which allow outstanding lustre and create the optical illusion.

Radiant Cut

three lose radiant cut diamonds

The ‘Radiant Cut’ is one of the most striking diamond cuts on the market. These diamonds can be rectangular or squared and thanks to their unique cut method, are able to hide inclusions more efficiently than other types of stones.

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