Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rings for Same-Sex Couples

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November 23, 2023
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For generations, the humble exchange of wedding rings has symbolised everlasting love, devotion, and loyalty in the act of marriage – though almost exclusively between a man and a woman.

When Ireland became the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage by popular vote in 2015 however, Irish same-sex couples were finally granted this same freedom to say, “I do”.

As a result, gay marriage has now become a fact of Irish life.

Despite this – perhaps out of habit, or outdated tradition – many in the Irish wedding industry still refer to married couples-to-be as ‘him and her’ or the ‘bride and groom’, often with little acknowledgment of same-sex couples.

The same is also true when it comes to engagement rings or wedding rings – usually sold exclusively as ‘his and hers’ sets.

So, how do you pick the perfect wedding rings for a same-sex couple?

If you’re a same-sex couple, you may have noticed a lack of suitable options for wedding rings in Ireland.

As well as that, any quick search online for wedding rings presents a huge range of matching sets, though usually only with one ‘feminine’ ring sprinkled with diamonds and one plainer ‘masculine’ ring.

This traditional style is certainly not for everyone, however.

When choosing wedding rings as a same-sex couple, the best decision is to select the wedding rings that appeal to you and your partner the most. For those who still struggle to find that something special, custom-made wedding rings can be the perfect choice, though you may need to answer some questions before you begin your search.

Initial questions to answer when choosing a wedding ring

There are several things to ask yourself and your spouse-to-be before you begin the search for a wedding ring:

  1. What type of wedding ring is right for YOU?
  2. Do you want your wedding rings to match?
  3. Do you want diamonds or other gemstones in your rings?
  4. Do you want something completely unique?
  5. Will both of you receive an engagement ring, or just one?
  6. Will you be buying the rings together or individually?

Once you’ve both answered these questions, you’re already well on your way to finding the perfect option!

The rise of custom wedding rings

Wedding ring traditions are changing in a variety of ways—and not just in their appearance. Not only are engagement rings for men rising in popularity, traditional matching gold or platinum wedding rings are no longer the wedding ‘status quo’, especially in same-sex ceremonies.

While there are plenty of classic matching wedding band options for same-sex couples looking to co-ordinate beautifully, there are also plenty of alternative styles and metals available in custom wedding rings for LGTBQ couples with individual tastes.

When choosing the perfect wedding ring though, what matters most is that both partners pick something they love and want to wear for the rest of their lives together!

Looking for something truly unique?

At Martin Gear Jewellers, we’re proud to support marriage equality and love in all its forms.
Thanks to decades of experience – and over 600 pieces in stock – we’re happy to help ALL couples to choose a wedding ring that’s truly perfect for them.

As well as that, as we’re one of the only jewellers in Dublin with an onsite manufacturing workshop, if you can’t find that perfect wedding ring, we’ll craft it for you!

Simply drop into our store on 5 Mary St, Dublin 1, or alternatively, just give us a call on (01) 872 8726.

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