The Anniversary Ring - The 3rd Most Given Ring

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April 20, 2023
a gold and diamond anniversary ring on a white background
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Did you know that there is a tradition to give an anniversary ring after being married for several years? Some say that they are slowly starting to replace the traditional wedding gifts like cotton for the second anniversary or even silk for the twelfth. But what are they and when should you give one?

What Are Anniversary Rings?

An anniversary ring is becoming one of the more popular rings and remains the third most given ring, after wedding and engagement rings. It is like an eternity ring and is usually set with multiple gemstones. One of the more popular designs is a triple stone ring with one of each gem representing the past, present and future.

Couples often decide to use a gemstone according to how many years they have been married. For example, ruby after being married for forty years or sapphire for forty-five. There are no strict rules and diamond is still one of the most popular gemstones – even though diamonds are usually given after being married for sixty years.

When Should You Give an Anniversary Ring?

There are no set rules for giving an anniversary ring. It is also not explicit to wedding anniversaries with some couples giving them to mark other significant anniversaries such as a first date, buying a house or even having a baby. Most couples, especially in Western culture, usually give them to mark milestone wedding anniversaries such as 10, 15 and 25-year anniversaries.

Is an Anniversary Ring for Men or Women?

Traditionally an anniversary ring is given by a husband to his wife, but in modern times it also given by a wife to her husband. After all, a husband’s hands also look good with a nice ring.

Which Finger Do You Wear an Anniversary Ring On?

The finger you wear your ring on depends on several factors that include the design, the wedding and engagement ring, and personal preference. It can either be paired with your engagement ring, especially if it is made to match, or it can be worn on the other hand in the case where you already have a matching wedding and engagement ring suite. Elaborate designs are best worn on the opposite hand of your engagement ring. This allows you to display the ring properly and not compete with the style of your engagement ring. Just be sure that if you are right-handed, and you wear your anniversary ring on your right hand, that it is durable enough to stand up to the additional wear and tear. Men usually wear only a wedding ring and can choose to wear it alongside their wedding ring, on the other hand, or even on a different finger altogether. There are no set rules as such, and whichever preference best suits you personally will work just fine.


The meaning of a wedding anniversary ring is clear: “I’d marry you all over again”. Regardless of which anniversary you want to celebrate, it symbolises and immortalises you and your partner’s love. We have a range of different rings to choose from in our workshop on 5 Mary Street, Dublin City Centre, and can also design you a unique anniversary ring too. Contact us or come by our workshop to find out more.

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