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November’s Birthstone – A Warm Feast of Colour

November 26, 2020

As the weather gets cooler November’s golden hued birth stones of Topaz and Citrine bring a delicious warmth to any jewellery collection with a range of buttery yellows, fresh lemon accents and sparkling ambers. The delightful November birth stones work beautifully in classic, Celtic, or modern settings.

We’ve put together some of our favourite settings for the stones that represent November.

Yellow Topaz

gold stud earrings with yellow topaz gems on a white background

Renowned for its clear and bright colour, yellow Topaz makes a striking addition to any collection. The name Topaz comes from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning fire, and the sparkling clarity of Topaz gems surely live up to the meaning behind the name.

The golden brown hues found in Topaz gems are associated with earth, harvest and life and in ancient Greece, where the Topaz first made a big splash in jewellery fashion, the Topaz was believed to represent mental and physical strength.

Topaz Settings

The extraordinary sparkle of these lovely gems means they make a striking statement in a wide variety of settings.

  • We particularly like yellow Topaz and white gold pendant and earrings setting as this setting allows natural light through the stone enhancing its brilliance.
  • Another setting our team is very fond of for yellow Topaz is a step cut oblong shape for the Topaz alternating with diamonds in a dainty white gold bracelet. The ultimate in shimmery decadence.
  • If you’re looking for something more subtle, then a designed Topaz and white gold charm to add to a charm necklace or bracelet is a wonderful way to include Topaz into any jewellery collection.

Topaz Care

To keep your Topaz in perfect condition, soak the piece in warm soapy water for 20 to 30 minutes and then gently wipe the gem with a soft cloth. Use a soft bristled old toothbrush to gently scrub the metal of the setting before drying with a soft dry cloth.


a white gold and diamond pendant with one large citrine gemstone

Another glorious frozen drop of sunlight, the Citrine has similar tones to Topaz but tends to have a brighter lemony hue to that of Topaz making it a lovely gem to gift to November born children.

Historically Citrine have been used in jewellery design for hundreds of years where the bright colour has been associated with a calming effect. From ancient Greece, to Rome and even Scottish jewellery, the Citrine has a past as bright and varied as the colours of the gems.

Interestingly, Citrine is one of the hardier gems, making them perfect for everyday wear and easy to care for.

Citrine Settings

Some of our favourite Citrine settings include:

  • A striking solitaire Citrine ring setting in yellow gold with a dusting of yellow diamonds.
  • A fine yellow gold chain ankle bracelet with Citrine gems interspersed throughout.
  • Peaky Blinders style art deco drop earrings in white gold with delicate yellow diamond encrusted leaf detailing.

Citrine Care

As mentioned before, Citrine is one of the harder gems, but that doesn’t mean it can handle careless, harsh care. Start by soaking the piece in warm soapy water for 20 to 30 minutes and then clean the stone with a soft cloth. Gently brush away dirt on the metal with a soft toothbrush before drying the piece with a soft dry cloth.


Regardless of whether you choose a Topaz or a Citrine for November, the bright warmth of these lovely gems adds a delicious burst of colour to any jewellery collection. Whether in a bracelet, charm, pendant, ring, or earrings, spoil yourself or someone you love with drops of captured sunshine this November by adding Topaz or Citrine to your jewellery collection. Contact us or visit us in Dublin City Centre to find out more.

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