Eternity Rings

With no beginning and no end, an eternity ring symbolises the everlasting and eternal love between a couple. But what exactly is an eternity ring, where did [...]

Promise Rings

Promise rings have increased in popularity since the early 1990’s, but not many people in Dublin or Ireland know what a promise ring is or what the [...]

Who Buys Gold in Dublin?

There are a few places where you can sell your unwanted gold in Dublin that include jewellers, pawn shops, and bullion dealers. But exactly who is Dublin's [...]

An Engagement Ring’s Basic Anatomy

Many people are often confused about the terminology used by jewellers to describe a ring - especially first-time buyers that have just started the adventure of finding [...]

How to Clean your Engagement Ring

Easy, at home, & household ingredients There's no point buying an expensive diamond ring and then not properly caring for it. Every day that you wear your [...]

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