What are Claddagh Rings?

The Claddagh ring is a part of the Irish culture, infused with symbolism and Celtic tradition. Representing Love, Loyalty and Friendship. Two hands represent friendship [...]

Antique Engagement Rings

Many couples in Ireland have started to look at antique engagement rings as an alternative over their modern counterparts. Not only are they looking for a piece [...]

Vintage Engagement Rings

There is a rise in Ireland where couples are looking at getting vintage engagement rings over newer ones. Not only are they looking at getting a ring [...]

Eternity Rings

With no beginning and no end, an eternity ring symbolises the everlasting and eternal love between a couple. But what exactly is an eternity ring, where did [...]

Promise Rings

Promise rings have increased in popularity since the early 1990’s, but not many people in Dublin or Ireland know what a promise ring is or what the [...]

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