Celtic Jewellery

Irish made Celtic jewellery from the Heart of Dublin City Centre

Celebrate your Celtic heritage with our selection of authentic Irish jewellery. Whether you’re from the Emerald Isle or visiting from shores afar, you can always keep a piece of Ireland close to your heart.
a gold tree of life pendant and chain on a white background
a silver tara brooch on a white background
a gold claddag ring with a green heart shaped emerald on a white background

What is Irish Celtic Jewellery?

Celtic jewellery dates back thousands of years. Modern day Celtic jewellery is more refined than what the ancient Celtic people would have worn. It has a mysterious aura whose symbols are deep in meaning and rooted in the Celtic culture. Famous types of symbols found usually include the Trinity and Celtic Knots, the Celtic Spiral and Cross, the Tara Brooch and the famous Claddagh and Tree of Life.
a gold claddagh pendant on a white background
a rose gold claddagh ring with a solitaire ruby

The Famous Claddagh

One of the most famous Celtic symbols in jewellery is the Claddagh. It is usually found on rings and is made from a variety of precious metals that include gold and silver. The Claddagh ring is part of Irish culture and represents love, loyalty and friendship. The two hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty.
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claddagh – trinity – shamrock

Rose Gold Claddagh Ring (Code: 16331)
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Rose Gold Tree of Life (Code: 15173)
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Rose Gold Claddagh Ring (Code: 16326)
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White Gold Tree of Life (Code: 15170)
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Celtic Cross Pendant (Code: 16357)
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Traditional Claddagh Charm (Code: 16297)
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Ladies White Gold Claddagh Ring (Code: 15353)
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Irish Dancer Pendant (Code: 15567)
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