Bridal Jewellery

Beautiful wedding jewellery for your special guests

Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives together. A day in which dreams have come true and you, your partner and your loved one’s get to experience a touch of magic that lives on in memories and photographs for years to come.

Make sure your wedding jewellery for your special guests are as enchanting as the event with beautiful, personal jewellery from Martin Gear Jewellers, experts in exquisite jewellery design and manufacturing.
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What Is Bridal or Wedding Jewellery?

Wedding Jewellery includes a range of beautiful and deeply personal jewellery pieces that become heirlooms of the event, creating family history that is often passed from generation to generation.

Most people think of wedding jewellery as the jewellery pieces worn by the bride, and while wedding jewellery does, of course, incorporate bridal jewellery, it extends to the groom and bridal party as well.

Martin Gear Jewellers take the time to get to know the bridal couple so that each jewellery piece reflects their personality and love for each other, resulting in wedding jewellery that has deep sentimental value long after the happy day.
plain white gold hooped earrings
rose gold and morganite earrings

Our Bridal Jewellery

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day in which she becomes the queen of the event, sparkling with joy as friends and family witness the love of the happy couple.

Here at Martin Gear Jewellers we believe bridal jewellery should reflect the magical romance of the day. We take time to craft earrings, necklaces, bracelets and tiara’s in silver, white and yellow gold frosted with diamonds, gems, cubic zirconia and pearls.
a multi-diamond bridal bracelet
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a solid gold and crystal bracelet
diamond and ruby stud earrings on a white background

Mother of the Bride Jewellery

Celebrating your wedding with family is one of the most precious lifetime memories you will hold and what better way to remember the special day then by gifting the mother of the bride and mother of the groom with a special wedding jewellery keepsake. This could include a beautiful brooch, earrings, or perhaps a special Celtic piece that holds meaning for your family.

Martin Gear Jewellers has a range of delicate pieces for just the right personal touch for the mothers of the happy couple.

Our Bridal and Jewellery

One of a kind, exquisite pieces 

was €395
, now 
0.10 Carat Diamond Pendant Necklace (Code: 15469)
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0.15 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings (Code: 15411)
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0.08 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings (Code: 15402)
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Drop Pendant (Code: 16338)
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was €410
, now 
White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace (Code: 15463)
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Double-Heart Pendant (Code: 16342)
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0.30 Carat Diamond Pendant Necklace (Code: 15471)
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Diamond Platinum Stud Earrings (Code: 15461)
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What's the Difference?

Curated Jewellery: The curated collection includes a range of jewellery handmade by Martin Gear Jewellers.
Factory Jewellery: A selection of factory-made jewellery pieces made for quality assurance and affordability.

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