Beware of Bonded Gold Jewellery

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November 23, 2023
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After the ever-increasing gold prices, we are starting to see a lot of bonded gold brought into our workshop. The problem is that bonded gold is not all as it seems. It has a small secret it likes to hide…

What Is Bonded Gold Jewellery?

Bonded gold jewellery is gold jewellery that is produced by layering a thick layer of gold over another, usually cheaper, metal. This gives the impression that the item is gold, even by feel and weight, but is only around 10% gold

Is it Illegal?

No, bonded gold is not illegal but passing it off as real gold is. Different countries have different regulations about hallmarking. For example, the US can hallmark it at 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct, etc. gold whereas the UK cannot – unless it is preceded or followed by the words “bonded gold”.

What Is Wrong With Bonded Gold?

There is nothing wrong with bonded gold itself, but rather the act of passing it off as real gold. Unfortunately, this practise does happen, and many people have been stung when buying a bonded gold item thinking it was real. Especially when buying second-hand jewellery online.

How to Tell If an Item Is Made From Bonded Gold?

We offer a cash for gold service from our workshop and every now and then we come across a gold bonded item. The only way to truly make sure it is real is to get it tested. We test gold from our workshop but sometimes we come across an item that is a bit too suspect. These types of items are usually sent off to the Assay Office for further analysis.

Our advice when buying a second-hand item, especially a high-value one, is to get it tested. If it looks too good to be true, then bring it by our workshop on 5 Mary Street where we will be happy to look at it. Someone selling a genuine gold item will have nothing to hide and should not mind getting it tested.

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