Baby Bangles and Bracelets

Baby bracelets and bangles made for your little one with love from Dublin City Centre

Your little one deserves a bit of bling and glimmer. Baby bangles and baby bracelets are becoming more popular in Ireland and can be worn for important celebrations or milestones. Your baby can wear a beautiful baby bracelet or bangle to many special occasions such as Christenings, birthdays and baptisms. A baby bracelet or baby bangle also makes a wonderful gift.
a silver torq baby bangle on a white background

What Are Baby Bracelets or Baby Bangles?

Baby bracelets or baby bangles are jewellery your baby can wear. They are essentially a smaller version of adult sized bracelets and bangles, and are often worn to important celebrations or milestones – such as a baby’s first birthday, Christening or baptism.
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a gold and crystal baby bracelet with a blank engraving plaque
a gold baby bangle with an engraving plaque

Engraving Baby Bangles and Bracelets

Many baby bangles and bracelets come with a blank plate or plaque where the baby’s name or a phrase can be engraved on. We offer an additional engraving service and can engrave just about any word onto your baby’s bracelet or bangle.
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a torx baby bangle engraved with patterns

Buy a Baby Bangle or Bracelet

birthdays – christenings – baptisms

yellow gold bracelet with cubic zirconia hearts
9ct Yel Gold Hearts Bracelet (Code: BR595)
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babies yellow gold expanding bracelet
9ct Yel Gold Babies' Expand 3mm (Code: BN130ID/2)
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silver babies expandable bangle
Silver Babies' Round Dia Cut ID Expandable Bangle (Code: 4362)
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baby silver bangle with cubic zirconia boxing gloves on ends
Silver Babies' Boxing Glove Cubic Zirconia Torc Bangle (Code: 4034CZ)
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baby silver bangle with boxing gloves on ends
Silver Babies' Boxing Glove Torc Bangle (Code: 4034)
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yellow gold babies bangle
9ct Yel Gold Babies Dia Cut Exp 4mm Bangle (Code: BN130ID/4)
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silver babies bracelet
Silver Babies' Cast ID Bracelet (Code: G2270)
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yellow gold babies bracelet
9ct Yel Gold Figaro Babies 6"" ID Bracelet (Code: BR238)
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